MRO Supply Chain Management


The Questions

  • Why can’t we get MRO supply chain practices under control?
  • Why do my parts end up everywhere, but where I can find them?
  • Why do I have three different descriptions for the same part?
  • Why do I have five sources for one part?
  • Isn’t there a way to leverage my MRO spend?
  • Which MRO parts do I need to stock, to keep, to share, to consign, to disposition, to…?
  • Why is the MRO materials problem so challenging?

Our Services are the Answers

  • Assessment
  • Improvement Planning
  • ROI Determination
  • Execution of all aspects of MRO Supply Chain Management.
     – Procurement Practices
     – Storeroom & Crib Practices
     – Inventory Management Practices
     – Industrial Distribution Practices
     – Integration with Maintenance and Reliability Practices
     – Integration with ERP and EAM Technologies